Summer Begins

The Arrival of Summer: Embracing the Sun

As the calendar flips to June, there’s a palpable shift in the atmosphere. Summer has arrived, bringing with it longer days, warmer nights, and a sense of renewed energy. This season, often synonymous with freedom and adventure, offers a unique blend of relaxation and excitement.

The Allure of Sunshine

One of the most enticing aspects of summer is the abundance of sunshine. The extended daylight not only lifts our spirits but also encourages outdoor activities. From beach trips to backyard barbecues, the sun’s warm embrace makes everything seem more vibrant. This is the time to bask in the glow, soak up some vitamin D, and let the natural light rejuvenate our minds and bodies.

Nature in Full Bloom

Summer is also when nature truly comes to life. Gardens burst into color with blooming flowers, and trees wear their greenest leaves. This season is ideal for reconnecting with the outdoors, whether it’s through hiking, picnicking in the park, or simply enjoying a leisurely walk. The sights, sounds, and scents of summer create a sensory feast that is both calming and invigorating.

Summer Activities and Adventures

For many, summer is the perfect opportunity to embark on new adventures. School holidays and annual leave often align, providing the chance for family vacations and explorations. Whether it’s camping under the stars, hitting the road for a spontaneous trip, or diving into water sports, the season invites us to break from routine and create lasting memories.

Embracing Summer’s Pace

While summer can be filled with activities, it also encourages a slower, more relaxed pace of life. It’s a time for lazy afternoons with a good book, evening strolls, and enjoying meals al fresco. This balance between adventure and relaxation is what makes summer so special. It’s a reminder to savor the present moment, to laugh more, and to fully engage with the world around us.


As summer begins, let’s embrace all the joys it brings. From the vibrant energy of sunny days to the peacefulness of warm nights, this season offers a unique opportunity to celebrate life in its fullest. So, dust off your sunglasses, grab your favorite summer gear, and step into the sunshine—summer is here, and it’s time to make the most of it.

"OMG!! This nursing home is amazing especially this one worker. Her name is Michelle. When I tell you she's so great at what she does, I mean she's great. I visit my aunt quite frequently who resides on the 7th floor. Prior to her being assigned on that floor; there were a lot of unsanitary conditions especially the stench and filth. All of a sudden I notice this girl (Michelle) has been working on the floor and all of those unsanitary conditions including the stench left. I never seen a person that take so much pride and dignity in cleaning all of those rooms and the whole floor from top to bottom. This floor is like a brand new floor that I never seen. I'm going to pay her a visit the next time I see my aunt and make her an offer at my firm as a executive assistant!"

Shavez Jackson

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"The staff are very receptive to patients' needs. My brother is helpless and was transferred from the other facility across the street with a tracheostomy. Was successfully decanulatted and i thank the Respiratory team for doing an excellent job. The nursing staff and the anxillary staff as well are doing superb job. I reccomend this facility who has concers about their love ones or family membets who are not satisfied with the other facility to request for a transfer in this facility"

Elvesa Monje

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"This is a great place for rehabilitation... my father was at split rock on Baychester ave. In bronx and would go back and forth to hospital every 3 or 4 days because of carelessness with the staff... we said enough was enough when my father flatlined .WAYNE REHABILITATION has saved my fathers life. They are very good at diagnosing, rehabilitation and nutrition. Everyone there looks like they love their job. Never a problem with anyone any my father loves it there. He has recovered nicely and will be coming home soon. I highly recommend WAYNE REHABILITATION AND NURSING to everyone."

Nelson Vega

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"I had a knee replacement and went to Wayne Center through a referral from a friend. I immediately noticed the ambiance of a modern facility to be very appealing clean well lit and organized. An administrative staff visited my room and explained their role and expectations. Nurses were very attentive and especially to the elderly and always smiling. Except for breakfast the food was very good quality and taste. Rehab staff was great I enjoyed working with Rosalyn she really made me work. Only drawback in rehab was they need another machine for legs. Staff was A+ from nurses, administration and maintenance-"noticed when their was a spill on the floor they would quickly clean up".
I would definitely refer anyone who is thinking of sending their parent, grandparent or loved one."


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