Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac Rehab

Wayne’s world-class rehabilitation pavilion features an exclusive, self-contained environment focused on accelerated healing and reintegration to our patients’

The Wayne Center for Nursing and Rehab is excited to have partnered with Recovery plus to provide Sub-Acute Cardiac Rehab. The Wayne Center has successfully completed all Certification process to become a Recovery Plus Cardiovascular Certified Sub-Acute facility. Recovery Plus has developed a world class Sub-Acute Cardiac Rehab program focused on evidenced based assessment, monitoring and treatment.

The program includes an onsite Cardiac NP who works with our Rehab and Medical teams to develop and oversee an individualized Cardiac Rehab plan of care for each of our patients. On-site diagnostic tools include: Echocardiogram, carotid ultrasound, lower extremity venous ultrasound, lower extremity arterial ultrasound, dialysis fistula ultrasound, renal artery ultrasound, and abdominal aorta ultrasound.

The focus of the program is to successfully discharge our patients to the community as heart healthy as possible. In addition to the Sub-Acute in-patient facility care, Recovery plus provides remote cardiac rehab training/monitoring in the community to ensure patients continue their cardiac recovery once discharged to the community. The overall goal of this partnership is to ensure that our patients return safely to the community and continue to maintain/improve their heart health in their homes thereby avoiding rehospitalizations that are common in the cardiac patient population.

The Wayne Center, strives to have the lowest rehospitalization rates possible. This program was developed based on the identification that many Sub-acute rehab patients require cardiac rehab that was previously only available in specialized hospitals. In addition, many patients are re-hospitalized or are severely limited in function secondary to the development of cardiac complications following successful Sub-Acute Rehab. The Partnership between Recovery Plus and The Wayne Center for Nursing and Rehab   was designed to provide a comprehensive sub-acute cardiac in-patient program as well as to bridge the continuum of care into the community by offering a home-based solution to cardiac rehab therapy.